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About FNF: Bluey & Friends

FNF: Bluey & Friends is an exciting mod that pays tribute to the popular Australian canine animation series, Bluey. This mod introduces three energetic and rhythmic songs that capture the essence of the show. Join Bluey, Mackenzie, and Bingo as they engage in three captivating rap battles, immersing players in a world of dance and music.

How to play

The songs featured in the mod, namely Smile, Bluey Can Can, and Bluey Squared, offer an enjoyable and challenging experience for players. Each song presents its unique set of rhythms and melodies that will put your concentration and rhythmic skills to the test.

Created by talented modders Tridashie and bbpanzu, FNF: Bluey & Friends stays true to the series, presenting players with a colorful world, high-quality animations, and an original musical universe. The mod faithfully captures the spirit and charm of Bluey, providing an immersive and entertaining gameplay experience.

Whether you're a fan of Bluey or simply enjoy rhythm-based games, FNF: Bluey & Friends is a must-play mod. Let yourself be carried away by the catchy beats, showcase your skills in the rap battles, and enjoy the delightful combination of animation and music.

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