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About FNF Breaker Bundle

FNF Breaker Bundle is an exciting fan-made mod that brings a fresh twist to the popular Friday Night Funkin' game. This unique bundle pays homage to the beloved Sonic DX song "Gamebreaker" by offering a collection of meticulously remixed rap battles.

How to play

The mod kicks off with the intense rap battle "Gamebreaker," where players take on the role of Pico, fighting for their life and aiming to emerge victorious before their opponent destroys the game. The adrenaline-pumping gameplay and catchy remixes make for an exhilarating experience.

In the rap battle "Blockbreaker," players step into the shoes of the iconic Minecraft hero facing off against a terrifyingly talented Creeper. This battle combines the thrill of the game with an infectious rhythm that will have players tapping their feet.

Next up is "Bedbreaker," where the virus seems to have infected the Griffin family from the animated series Family Guy. Players bear witness to a heated argument between Lois and Peter, set to an unforgettable rap battle that showcases their vocal skills.

Lastly, the mod introduces an impostor from Among Us defending themselves against accusations through the power of rap in the captivating "Susbreaker."

FNF Breaker Bundle offers a unique blend of beloved characters, catchy remixes, and rap battles that will keep players engaged and entertained. It's a must-play mod for fans of Friday Night Funkin' seeking a fresh and thrilling experience. Prepare to break the rhythm and show off your skills in these epic rap battles!

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