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FNF: Classified emerges as a remarkable fan-made mod for the beloved Friday Night Funkin' game, inviting players to embark on a harmonious odyssey inspired by the revered Nintendo classic, Mario 64. This mod presents an enthralling fusion of two iconic worlds, seamlessly weaving the magic of rhythm and nostalgia into a single captivating experience.

How to play

Guided by the spirit of the cult Nintendo console game, "FNF: Classified" ushers players into the hidden corners of Mario 64's universe. Here, Boyfriend takes center stage, stepping into the shoes of the protagonist to deliver a rhythmic adventure that pays homage to the past while introducing innovative new dimensions.

Embarking on this auditory escapade, players delve into a musical journey that commences with a week of challenges. Three rhythm-infused songs set the stage for engaging battles against familiar adversaries from the Mario universe. The mod's narrative takes a daring twist, challenging the notion that Luigi's presence is truly absent. The enigmatic phrase "L is Real 2401," etched onto a statue in the castle garden, becomes a focal point. Boyfriend steps up to validate this hypothesis through a captivating rap battle against Luigi on the melody of "Watery Severe."



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