FNF Corruption Takeover

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About FNF Corruption Takeover

FNF Corruption Takeover mod will take place like in a real action film, with two gangs arranging a shootout between themselves.

Boyfriend is the main character of Friday Night Funkin' and the only one who can be played in the mod. Monster has corrupted him, and he now seeks to corrupt all of his former friends.

Boyfriend appears in Frostbite wearing his signature red cap, blue spiky hair, blue jeans, red and white Christmas coat, and large tan sneakers, just as he did in Week 5. He's carrying a black microphone, and bits of the black Corruption ensnare him throughout the song, giving him a pink eye by the end.

He is completely covered in the mysterious black Corruption substance in his Corrupted form, with two wide pink eyes and a pink toothy smile. His feet are also decorated with small pink accents. Unable shows his original self shining through his corrupted self, with his blue hair, red cap, and partially red left eye exposed by the black substance.

How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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