FNF FPS is a first/third-person shooter based on the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. In the 2D world of Friday Night Funkin', the song is more powerful than the sword, but not this time.


Game story

Your name is Boyfriend, and you are trapped in a 3D universe with an assortment of your long-standing adversaries. Prepare to take them all down in order to get home to your beloved Girlfriend. You must eliminate all of the undesirables located in the graveyard by shooting them with your weapon. Get some ammo and a health pack if you want to survive. Fight to stay alive and save your girlfriend!

You'll go around each map looking for the ten GFs, but you'll also have to fight off waves of enemies coming at you from all sides. Some of your weapons can be found on the maps, so you'll need to keep an eye out for those.

Control: Move with WASD, jump with Space, run with Shift, aim and shoot with the mouse, reload with R, change weapons with the wheel, use F to pick up items, CTRL to crouch, X to lay down, and V for close-range attacks.

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