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About FNF Funkin Aside

FNF Funkin Aside is a side story of the main FNF game that presents a new story with new original characters as well as other mod collaborations, resulting in a linear story with several rivals ready to get freaky on a Friday night.

How to play

To succeed in the game, whether you opt for the narrative or unrestricted gameplay mode, you must hit the notes in accordance with the chart until the end of the songs. This requires pressing the arrow keys in sync with the identical arrows displayed above BF or the other character on the right.

However, be cautious not to miss too many notes in a row, as doing so will deplete your health bar. If your health bar runs out, you will lose and be compelled to start anew from the beginning.


  • Furia Agria
  • Chaufa Picante
  • Chorizo Quemado
  • Trance
  • Delivery
  • Order to Go
  • Pe Elpe
  • Ete Mania
  • Potacsio Pantasy
  • Low Revs
  • Detonator
  • Bomblitz

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