FNF Funky Hotel (Roblox Doors)

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FNF Funky Hotel (Roblox Doors) is a new addition to FNF Mods.  Although the later levels of Funky Doors versus Roblox Doors Mod are highly challenging, the playability of the game overall is quite nice. A new competition between Funky Doors and Roblox Doors has been added to FNF Mods.

This Friday Night Funkin Mod will provide you with brand new foes to battle against. The Funky Doors versus Roblox Doors Mod will allow you to continue your quest to win over the affections of your girlfriend. Win the rap battle against your opponents and you will be able to convince the father of your girlfriend.

This is a Friday Night Funkin Mod called Funky Doors. In this mod, the Boyfriend becomes trapped in a hotel that has a lot of doors. The Roblox Doors Game was the Inspiration for This FNF Funky Doors Game.

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