FNF JellyBean Vs. The Skeletons

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About FNF JellyBean Vs. The Skeletons

FNF JellyBean Vs. The Skeletons is an exciting mod for the rhythm-based game Friday Night Funkin'. This mod introduces an epic rap battle between the renowned Mexican YouTuber, JellyBean, and the Skeletons. Prepare for an intense showdown as you take on The Skeletons in a one-of-a-kind rap battle.

How to play

The focal point of this mod is the captivating song "Atrocity," which serves as the backdrop for the thrilling duel. The fan-made mod creators have drawn inspiration from JellyBean's charismatic personality and combined it with the infectious rhythms and melodies of "Atrocity." The result is a banger of a track that will undoubtedly leave players captivated and eager to conquer the challenge.

In FNF JellyBean Vs. The Skeletons, players will need to showcase their rhythmic skills and match the beat to the rap battle. The mod features unique visuals and animations that enhance the immersive experience, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

Take control of JellyBean as you navigate through a series of challenging rap battles against the Skeletons. Stay on beat, hit the correct notes, and outperform your opponents to emerge victorious. The intense and danceable nature of the rap battle will keep players engaged and entertained throughout the entire mod.

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