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About FNF: Plants vs. Rappers

FNF: Plants VS Rappers (Friday Night Funkin') is a work-in-progress FNF mod inspired by the Plants VS Zombies tower defense game series. Help BF and GF transform into zombies and battle an army of enemy plants. Jason The Art Kid created this mod.

Because this Plants vs. Rappers FNF Mod is a little difficult, play it on Easy mode. In this FNF Plants vs. Rappers Mod, you must defeat your opponent in order to win the hearts of your girlfriend and her father.

Dr. Zomboss has summoned you from the dead; you are his latest zombie recruit, and it is up to you to put an end to Crazy Dave and his plants FOREVER!

Your goal is to exterminate all plant life on the globe and halt the production of BLOOM N' DOOM SEED CO. Then, when there are no plants left on the planet and none to harvest, Crazy Dave and his brains are FINALLY OURS!!!!!!! NOTHING WILL EVER BE ABLE TO STOP US!!! 1!!

How to play

To play FNF Plants vs. Rappers Online Mod on your computer, use the WASD or Arrow Keys. As notes approach the judgment line, you must press the keys. Using the Enter key, you can start or pause the Plants vs. Rappers Mod.

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