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About FNF Skeleton Bros

In the FNF mod Skeleton Bros Vs. Chara, Sans & Papyrus. Boyfriend has joined the world of Underale and he will have to face iconic characters from the popular game's universe. The first rap battle will be against Papyrus, Boyfriend will have to keep the beat on "Nyeh heh heh". The second match will be against Boyfriend to Sans, they will sing "Bonely One". You have to be careful and try to miss as few notes as possible. The next challenge is the rap battle in the song "Not Enough", Sans will be ruthless in this duel, he will try to lock Boyfriend in a bone prison that you will have to destroy while continuing to sing ! The final challenge that Boyfriend will have to accept is the song No More Deals, be careful dodge the knives Chara will throw at you! The game has two difficulty modes, you can play Boyfriend or Chara.

How to play

Your task is very simple in FNF Skeleton Bros Vs Chara, Sans & Papyrus Mod is to control the Arrows coming from below, when the arrows are above the upper arrow, then press the correct arrows. .
Keybaord controls for FNF Skeleton Bros or Arrow Keys.
Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the beat and defeat your enemies!

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