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About FNF Skibidi Invasion

FNF Skibidi Invasion is a wildly entertaining mod that introduces Boyfriend, the protagonist of Friday Night Funkin', to one of his most eccentric opponents yet. Prepare for a unique and rhythmic rap battle against none other than Skibidi Toilet! This fictional character, known for his appearances on the popular YouTube channel DaFuq!?Boom!, is a half-human, half-toilet hybrid.

How to play

Drawing inspiration from the Skibidi Toilet series, which boasts an impressive 44 episodes, the mod incorporates the infectious music that has captivated fans. The standout track "Skibidi Dop Dop Yes Yes Yes!" serves as the backdrop for the rap battle, blending elements from Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous" and the song "Biser King Dom Dom Yes Yes."

FNF Skibidi Invasion offers a delightful fusion of wackiness, rhythm, and humor. Players will find themselves immersed in a rap battle like no other, as they strive to outperform Skibidi Toilet and showcase their rhythmic prowess.

Prepare to embrace the bizarre and engage in a musical showdown with Skibidi Toilet in FNF Skibidi Invasion. With its unique character, infectious music, and offbeat charm, this mod is a must-play for fans seeking a fresh and memorable Friday Night Funkin' experience. Get ready to groove, rap, and conquer the Skibidi challenge!



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