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FNF: The Date Week (Whitty x Carol, Friday Night Funkin') is a lovely full-week mod based on the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). The mod, created by bbpanzu and his incredible team, includes three original songs and follows the untold love story of Whitty and Carol, two beloved FNF characters.

The Date Week is the official farewell celebration for Whitty before he leaves. It was published immediately following the closure of the VS. Whitty: Full Week edition website. It is based off of the WhitMORE update for Vs. Whitty that was scrapped earlier. Whitty and Carol are the only two characters that appear in The Date Week. Because of how much support it received, the developers decided to make this.

FNF The Date Week mod for Friday Night Funkin' tells the story of the first meeting between Carol and Whitty during a peaceful musical battle full of seduction and feelings! The mod was created by Friday Night Funkin' and is available for download now! This unique encounter between two of the most well-known protagonists from FNF was the result of a collaboration between a number of authors and developers who worked together to create three new songs, new animations for Carol and Whitty, and an original atmosphere that was full of nods and references to the world of the well-known rhythm game. Assume the role of Whitty and, throughout the songs Whitroll, Perfume, and Heartbass, do your best to keep the tempo going with a voice that is both metallic and melodious.

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