FNF: Trick or Die

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About FNF: Trick or Die

FNF: Trick or Die is Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) first-person stealth adventure game. Sneak into the house, save the Girlfriend, and don't let the monster with a taste for blood rip off your head.

How to play

In this stealth-based adventure game, FNF focuses on survival.  He and his girlfriend went to Halloween. They had a good time and ate sweets. But all of a sudden, the girl was taken hostage after being lured into a strange house. He should go find her and set her free. Look through the whole area for clues. Make sure you don't fall into the same trap. All the time, music plays, which makes people even more scared.

And that was a grave error! She goes into the Lemon Demon's residence, where he seizes her and locks her in his basement! The girlfriend was able to text her boyfriend the location of the demon's residence. Now the brave man has no choice but to hope! Help him rescue his girlfriend and escape this eerie location!

Control: W-A-S-D Move F Pick up or use an item G Drop an item T Unhide




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