FNF Vs. Accelerant Hank

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About FNF Vs. Accelerant Hank

FNF Vs. Accelerant Hank  (Friday Night Funkin') is an action-packed FNF mod that will test even the most seasoned Friday Night Funkin' players. Do you have what it takes to defeat Hank and Tricky in this song? Let the fight begin!

Friday Night Funkin' vs Accelerant Hank is back and better than ever, bringing you the ultimate musical clash between Boyfriend and the deadly Hank J. Wimbleton, the main protagonist of the Madness Combat series.

You're stranded in the Nevada desert, and there's only one way out alive, so grab the microphone with all your power and get ready to sing your grooviest melodies to the beat to prevent Hank's bullets shooting through your back because of one small flaw.

The partner appears as himself. White T-shirt with a crossed red circle sign in the center, pale cyan hair, red sneakers with white laces, blue jeans, and a red cap with a backwards blue bill. Additionally, he holds a bluish-dark microphone in his right hand. Considering his facial expression, he also appears determined.

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