FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends)

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About FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends)

FNF Vs. Blue (Rainbow Friends) is an FNF mod based on the popular Roblox horror mod. When you start the game, you can listen to a version of the song "Friend to Your End" from the Rainbow Friends match. 

The game will delight you with lively characters and catchy music. To defeat the enemy, try to drift to the rhythm of the music

Game story

In this mod, Roblox's big monster is back for a rap battle with Boyfriend. Once he tried to defeat our protagonist, but in the end he was defeated. You need to survive this uphill battle between two rappers to keep BF winning.

Prepare to put your musical skills to the test again and help Boyfriend win the ultimate victory by beating all of his opponents without fear. Feel the notes rush down your throat and don't let a single chord slip through your fingers. Have fun!

Game Controls:

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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