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About FNF Vs. Carol Remastered

FNF Vs. Carol Remastered is an improved version of the classic Friday Night Funkin' mod FNF VS Carol by bbpanzu (Main Creator) and Pandaity (Coder). Rebuilt with Kade Engine 1.5.4, it now has dialogue and an extra week, but it's still the same game under a different skin.

There is a new update to FNF Mods called FNF vs Carol v2. While the game's late-game challenges are brutal, FNF vs. Carol v2 Mod is a fun and challenging experience overall.

In this new Friday Night Funkin Mod, you'll face off against some fresh foes. You'll keep working toward the goal of making your girlfriend happy in FNF versus Carol v2 Mod. In order to win over your Girlfriend's Dad, you'll need to rap better than your competition.

The Carol is front and center in this updated version of Friday Night Funkin called FNF Carol v2, which features the Carol Roll, the Body, and the Boogie.

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