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About FNF Vs. Cassandra

FNF Vs. Cassandra is a fan-made mod for Friday Night Funkin' (FNF). Pico's arch-enemy, Cassandra, has risen from the grave. Assist Boyfriend in defeating the long-forgotten villain and ridding the world of her terrible influence!

Tom Fulp produced Cassandra, a Ramen Noodiles mod. She is Pico's biggest enemy and responsible for the murder of hundreds of schoolchildren. In this version of Cassandra, she is the older sister of Girlfriend and the Penilians possessed her body to wreak death and world catastrophe. 

Pico, a blue-haired rapper, battles another opponent in FNF vs Cassandra, a mod for Friday Night Funkin. This time, he must encounter Cassandra, his girlfriend's red-haired sister, who is determined to show the main character that she is not suitable for him. It is up to the player whether Pico should save his previous sweetheart or make Cassandra his new girlfriend. This modification is designed for online play and is simple to use on a variety of devices, including phones.

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