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About FNF vs Cassette Girl

The Daddy Deareast has hired another character to stop Boyfriend from dating his daughter. And this time it's Cassette Girl. In FNF Vs Cassette Girl, the Boyfriend must battle against her in different songs. He needs to mirror her pattern of notes using the WASD or the arrow keys.

Cassette Girl is a young girl with long black hair. She wears a hat that resembles a cassette player, a dark purple hoddie, sneakers. She is holding a microphone in her left hand while smoking a cigarette.

FNF Vs Cassette Girl Songs

  • Ukiyo
  • Earworm
  • Machina
  • Soda Groove
  • City Funk

Mod Developers

mongmong, Saruky__, shadowfi, Chromatical

FNF Vs Cassette Girl mod is free to play in your web browser (Desktop, Android, iOS).

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to play.

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