FNF Vs. Challeng-Ed

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About FNF Vs. Challeng-Ed

In FNF Vs. Challeng-Edd, a thrilling new rap battle awaits you. Edd - a protagonist of the Eddsworld series, wins him over by singing against him on a piece of music he composed. The battle will take place in front of Edd's house, other characters will come to attend. The game includes levels like Hard, Eduardo, Edd's neighbor "Numero Uno", will also join the party and join the fight! On the highest difficulty, a different character will appear in each song. Tord and his giant Tordbot are coming and to defeat him. You absolutely must get up to speed by joining your forces with Edd.

How to play

Just use the up and down keys on your computer to follow the arrows shown on your screen to control the character. Click as many correct rhyming signals as possible. WASD + Mobile Touch Control

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