FNF Vs. Corrupted Twilight Sparkle

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About FNF Vs. Corrupted Twilight Sparkle

FNF Vs. Corrupted Twilight Sparkle, who performs professional rap songs flawlessly, will become a serious rival of Boyfriend in the new FNF mod. The adversary became an evil monster after contracting the Pibby virus. The boyfriend must defeat the opponent to the rhythmic tune Dusk Till Dawn, bright color effects, and energetic music.

The goal of the FNF vs Corrupted Twilight Sparkle (Dusk Till Dawn) game is to press the keys precisely and in time with the music. The rap battle takes place in a high castle, and you compete for first place. You have an advantage because your main character has a large group of friends who support him. The gameplay is novel, but special attention should be paid to the melody, which was created by true professionals. Try to press the keys precisely in order to catch the right arrow in time, which will move the screen up. If you win this mod, you will be given a magical cure to heal the pony, and she will revert to her normal appearance. If you lose, the Boyfriend may become infected and die as a result of the opponent's infection, so try not to let this happen. Best wishes.

How to play

Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the beat and defeat your enemies!

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