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About FNF Vs. Dave and Bambi

FNF Vs. Dave and Bambi is a popular FNF Mod based on the game Friday Night Funkin. In the triple-week Friday Night Funkin' mod known as FNF VS Dave & Bambi 2.5, the Boyfriend and Girlfriend meet two new characters named Dave and Bambi and engage in a rap battle with each of them. The modification includes 15 new songs, 5 playable characters, and a number of different twists and turns in the story.

A new day means a new chance for you to have fun with some of the best new Friday Night Funkin Games online on the internet, and we're going to prove it to you right now and here with the addition of the wonderful new game called Friday Night Funkin vs Dave/Bambi, which introduces two new characters to battle against, as well as lots of cool new music we're confident you'll really enjoy!

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In this game, you will fight rhythm battles against various characters, the first of which is a rap master named Dave who is in a wheelchair. Then you can unlock Dave's son, Tristan, Dave again, Mr. Bambi, and a new version of the first character called 3D Dave.

You can choose to play this Dave and Bambi: Definitive Edition FNF Mod in Easy mode if you find the normal mode to be too challenging. 
You must be victorious over your rival in this FNF Dave and Bambi: Definitive Edition Mod in order to win the affections of your Girlfriend and her Father. 
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How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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