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FNF Vs. Dusttale Remastered is one of the most popular FNF Mod based on the Friday Night Funkin game. This DustTale Remastered v2.0 FNF Mod is a little bit difficult so you can play it on Easy mode. In this FNF DustTale Remastered v2.0 Mod, you must defeat your opponent in order to win the hearts of your girlfriend and her father.

This is the most popular mod among Undertale fans. A music story about Sans and other Undertale foes like Chara, Papyrus, and so on.
This Friday night, your main goal is to defeat all of your enemies and steal your girlfriend's heart.

This FNF Mod includes ten new songs that will put your rapping skills to the test, so get ready to take on Dusttale Sans. Dusttale's past is revealed through a series of animated sequences interspersed with dialogue that explains the motivations of the game's two central characters. The final song difficulty level in Vs. Dusttale Remastered requires a lot of effort and perseverance.

Friday Funny Mod Dusttale Remastered is a new MOD that pits us against Chara, Sans, and Papyrus. The Murderer, Red Megalovania, Drowning, Psychotic Breakdown, Die, Anthropophobia, Hallucinations, Last Hope, Reality Check, and Wounded Shooting are among the ten new songs included in this FNF MOD Dusttale. It is a FNF MOD that includes ten new tremendously entertaining challenges that stand out for their unique gameplay, which occasionally includes backgrounds that are turned to confuse the player.

These are challenges of varying difficulty, with a stunning graphic section that includes two new backgrounds and the option of facing three different opponents. The musical section is outstanding, with many high-quality songs as well as vs Bogus Mod and vs Spinel Mod. Enjoy this fantastic game with your friends. Please remember to rate us.


How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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