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FNF Vs. Hex is new FNF mod includes a full week of tunes, as well as an additional bonus song (Encore) that becomes playable once the story mode is completed.

FNF VS Hex [Full Week] Playability Mod is good, however the last stages are incredibly challenging.

In this Friday Night Funkin Mod, you will face new opponents. You'll continue your quest to win your girlfriend's love in FNF VS Hex [Full Week] Mod. Win the rap war against your opponents to persuade your girlfriend's father.

In this fantastic mod for FNF - Friday Night Funkin VS Hex Mod, you can play as a basketball robot superstar that can actually sing shockingly well. This remake of the original game includes its own storyline, own characters, new tunes, new cutscenes, and a robotic-looking character named Hex.

The game Friday Night Funkin VS Hex Mod begins with the renowned couple Boyfriend and Girlfriend discussing their battle with Whitty. Hex, the basketball legend, interrupted their conversation and challenged him to a basketball match. Because Boyfriend does not play basketball, they decided to settle the score with the next great thing - an epic rap battle sing-off!

The game introduces numerous new features, such as new tunes and cutscenes, an Accuracy stat, a new Input system, customisable Kade Engine features, custom key binds, replays, and more. When you finish the Hex week, a new song will be available to play.

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