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About FNF Vs Hex Mod

In Friday Night Funkin FNF Vs Hex Mod Full Week, Boyfriend battles against Hex, the basketball playing robot in 5 epic songs. This time Boyfriend don't have to fight to keep dating his Girlfriend. Instead, he just has some fun with the robotic.

While Boyfriend and Girlfriend is talking about their music battle with Whitty, Hex shows up and challenges Boyfriend to join a basketball match. However, Boyfriend doesn't know how to play basketball so they decide to compete in music battles.

Hex's head looks like a television or a monitor with a smiling cyan face on a screen. He has a grey metal skin and wears an orange basketball outfits. His shirt has a number 16 symbol. He holds an orange mic in his left hand.


  • Dunk
  • Ram
  • Hello World
  • Glitcher
  • Encore

Mod Credits:

  • Artist, Composer: YingYang48 
  • Programmer : Kade Dev
  • Background artist: DjCat
  • Main animator: Moro
  • Assistants animators: JzBoy - MamiPipO
  • Mod assistance: taro4012

How to play

Arrow keys to play.

Enter to select.

Esc to return.

/ + to volum down or up.

0 to mute.

R to restart.

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