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Are you ready for a rap battle against the Imposter from Among Us game in Friday Night Funkin' (FNF) Vs. Impostor? 

The Imposter is the main antagonist with his goal is to kill the crewmates and cause sabotages in Among Us game. You need to win the Imposter in a rap battle. Otherwise, he will kill you with his gun.  

You need to show off your singing skills in different epic tracks. The game requires your quick reaction and concentration.

In this game, the Imposter is the only one character that can attack the Boyfriend and Boyfriend.

Just like other Friday Night Funkin' games, this game also features two game modes: Story mode and Free Play. The game is constantly updated with new songs and story.

Game songs:

Polus (Week 1)

  • Sussus Moogus
  • Sabotage
  • Meltdown

Mira (Week 2)

  • Sussus Toogus
  • Lights Down
  • Reactor
  • Ejected

Skeld (Week 3)

  • Sussy Bussy
  • Rivals
  • Chewmate




How to play

Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD to play.

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