FNF Vs. Human Impostor V2

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About FNF Vs. Human Impostor V2

FNF Vs. Human Impostor V2 is an exciting fanmade mod created by the Bluebirds team that introduces a unique twist to the popular game "Among Us." This mod allows players to see what the astronauts of Among Us would look like in their human form, sans their iconic helmets.

How to play

Version 1.5 of the mod features three weeks of gameplay with seven reworked songs accompanied by vocal covers. The human characters have been introduced with their own voices, and their animations have been adapted for a consistent experience. Additionally, players can enjoy the bonus song "Who" in the Freeplay menu, potentially shedding light on the mysterious question of "who killed Noob69?"

Although the development of the Version 2.0 update has been cancelled, players can still enjoy the mod's extensive content. The mod includes five full weeks of gameplay, featuring 17 restyled songs and some remastered versions. The Freeplay menu offers a selection of 16 intense rap battles, where players can showcase their singing talents and challenge human opponents from the Among Us universe.

While the mod is no longer being actively developed, players can still immerse themselves in the world of FNF Vs. Human Impostor V2, enjoying a range of musical battles and experiencing a unique fusion of Among Us and the Friday Night Funkin' universe.



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