FNF Vs. Impostor: Human Hijinks

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About FNF Vs. Impostor: Human Hijinks

Prepare for a new twist with FNF Vs. Impostor: Human Hijinks, a reimagining of Clowfoe's popular modification that transforms the familiar Among Us crewmates and impostors into human characters. Embrace this fresh take on the game's dynamics and immerse yourself in a world of Human Hijinks.

How to play

VS. Impostor introduces an innovative perspective, offering the entire Humane Heartbeat Week as well as a freeplay song featuring Drippostor. This modification provides an exciting blend of creativity and gameplay, giving fans a chance to experience Among Us in a whole new light.

Embark on a journey where crewmates and impostors take on a human form, adding a novel layer of intrigue to the game you know and love. VS. Impostor: Human Hijinks invites you to explore an alternative side of Among Us, filled with unexpected twists and captivating gameplay.



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