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About FNF Vs. Indie Cross

Friday Night Funkin Vs. Indie Cross (FNF Vs Indie Cross) is a FNF mod featuring characters from different Indie games. In this mod, Boyfriend has to rap-battle against iconic heroes.

In Week 1, Cuphead from Cuphead game is your opponent. He will challenge you during three songs. Cuphead is a humanoid boy with a cup for a head. He has large eyes and a long cheerful smile.

In Week 2, you have to rap battle against Sans the Skeleton from Undertale. Sans is a short skeleton. He wears a blue jacket, black shorts, and white gloves.

Ink Bendy from Bendy and the Ink Machine game is the third main opponent of the mod. He is a large mass of ink that resembles Bendy. He wears a glove on the left hand.

FNF vs Indie Cross is a nice mixture of FNF and Indie worlds. Like other FNF mods, this mod also features Story mode and FreePlay mode.


Week 1:

Snake Eyes
Technicolor Tussle
Knock Out

Week 2:

Final Stretch

Week 3:

Imminent Demise
Terrible Sin
Last Reel
Nightmare Run

Mod Credits:

Director: BrightFyre
Artists: MORØ - JzBoy - Iku Aldena - Crae - Diavololi - SugarRatio - Cally3D - RiverOaken - Nonsense
Programmers: srPerez - Sector - Shadowfi - Sqirra-RNG - Smokey - PolybiusProxy - ash - isophoro - hexar - Tae Yai - KadeDev
Musics: Saster - YingYang48 - Saruky - Rozebud - Brandxns - BLVKAROT - bbpanzu - Tenzubushi - CDMusic - JoanAtlas - TheInnuendo - Orenji - Mike Geno - DAGames - CrystalSlime - Blvkarot - Brandxns
Charters: AlchoholicDj - Cval - Cerbera - kal

How to play

Use arrow keys to play.

- / + to change volume.

Esc to go back.

Enter to choose.

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