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About FNF Vs. Isaac

FNF VS Isaac is a Friday Night Funkin' mod that takes place in the sad world of The Binding of Isaac, a rogue-like indie game that won a lot of awards.

Fight Isaac himself and listen to Danny Baranowski's amazing OST played in a style similar to FNF. Made by RxB (Director, Coder, Artist, Animator, and Composer), Lion Ladders (Composer, Playtester), Improvidence318 (Voice acting, Script writing), and SPG64 (Playtester).

Are you prepared to participate in the ultimate Friday Night Funkin battle? FNF vs Isaac is a new mod for FNF Mods. The playability of FNF vs Isaac Mod is good, though the final stages are extremely difficult.

In this Friday Night Funkin Mod, you will face new opponents. You'll continue your quest to win your girlfriend's heart in FNF vs Isaac Mod. Win the rap battle against your opponents to persuade your girlfriend's father.

FNF Isaac 2.0 is a FNF game mod. Isaac, the unhappy and tormented hero of the cult game "The Binding Of Isaac," meets BF and GF but is at a loss for words! and He is still haunted by the events of his past.

How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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