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About FNF Vs. Jeffy

Friday Night Funkin', also known as FNF VS Jeffy, is a full-week version of the FNF mod that was inspired by the YouTube comedy series SML, which follows the everyday lives of puppet characters. Carrmay is the one who developed this mod.

The Friday Night Funkin game serves as the basis for one of the most popular FNF Mods, which is called FNF vs Jeffy v2. You can choose to play this Jeffy v2 FNF Mod in Easy mode if the Normal mode is too challenging for you. In this FNF Jeffy v2 Mod, you have to win the hearts of both your girlfriend and her father by defeating your opponent. There's also FNF vs. Tails Secret Histories and FNF vs. Binding of Isaac, both of which you might enjoy (Week 2 Update).

You now have to defeat Jeffy through the power of music in a FNF battle where you control a character that is very similar to Jeffy, and you are going to do this on quite a few incredible songs:

  • doh-de-oh
  • pencil
  • Bang Em and Slang Em
  • Play Doe
  • Real boy
  • Fraud
  • Demented
  • Run!!

How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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