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About FNF Vs Mommy Long Legs

Friday Night Funkin FNF Vs Mommy Long Legs is a free FNF mod in which Boyfriend must rap battle against Huggy Wuggy and Mommy Long Legs, the two main antagonists from Poppy Playtime horror game.

After Boyfriend escapes from the evil Huggy Wugyg, he goes deeper into the Playtime Co. factory and meets Mommy Long Legs who sees Boyfriend as a new playmate.

Huggy Wuggy is the main mascot of Playtime Co., a famous toy manufacturer. He is a tall and slender toy with blue fur. His arms and legs are so long. On his face, you will see ide smiling red lips. Huggy Wuggy will challenge you on the song "Hug me".

Mommy Long Legs is a giant spider toy in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2. She lurks in the deeper of the factory and is waiting for a new playmate. She is a pink spider with spindly limbs and big green eyes. She has a happy smile and her hair was tied. In the "Special Guest" song, her body is almost obscured as she hides deep in the dark. You can only see her head and two long arms.


Hug Me

Special Guest


Mod credits

Animator, programmer, charter: richilix

Composer: Hippo Boii

How to play

Arrow keys to play.

Enter to select.

Esc to return.

- or + to volume down or up.

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