FNF Vs. MrBeast: TeamSeas

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FNF VS Mr. Beast: TeamSeas (Friday Night Funkin') is a one-song FNF mod created to support the #TeamSeas fundraising campaign. Let's help Mr. Beast save the ocean! Boyfriend and Girlfriend both know about it.

The campaign is being led by YouTubers MrBeast and Mark Rober. They want to raise $30 million and get rid of 30 million pounds of trash in the ocean.

Game story

You can play it on Easy mode if Hard Mod is too hard for you. With Girlfriend and Boyfriend, you have to help save the ocean in this FNF vs. MrBeast TeamSeas Mod. A group of friends made this mod in a week to help TeamSeas, an organization that works to protect the oceans. You should challenge the popular YouTuber MrBeast to a rap battle on a song with rhythm and melody.

You already know what to do: listen to the whole song and make sure you're in sync with it. Be careful and have fun, because a small delay in matching the notes can cost you the game.

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