FNF Vs. Neon

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About FNF Vs. Neon

FNF Vs. Neon is a crossover mod for the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin'. The modification adds three new challenging tracks and centers on an android named Neon, who is also the protagonist in a forthcoming action-platformer called Advent NEON, which is being created by Larry Boyd. Ninjamuffin99 is the one who designed and developed this game.

AdventNEON stars Neon. CryoGX produced Friday Night Funkin"s mod. Boyfriend and Girlfriend cross dimensions to AdventNEON and meet the protagonist in his mod. Neon tries to save them, but Boyfriend refuses and says he and Girlfriend are from another world. Boyfriend challenges Neon to a rap battle, puzzling Neon, but they accept if they play Neon's music.

FNF VS Advent Neon is a well-known FNF Mod based on the Friday Night Funkin game. Because this VS Advent Neon FNF Mod is a bit difficult, you can play it on Easy mode. In this FNF VS Advent Neon Mod, you must defeat your opponent in order to win the hearts of your girlfriend and her father.

How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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