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About FNF Vs. Oswald

FNF Vs. Oswald (Friday Night Funkin') is an excellent work-in-progress FNF mod centered around Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a famous Disney character who has been around for for a century. Jakeneutron created this mod.

Oswald auditions for a music gig in this mod, which leads to him rapping against Boyfriend. Are you prepared to participate in the ultimate Friday Night Funkin battle? FNF vs. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is a new FNF Mod. The gameplay of FNF vs Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Mod is good, albeit the last stages are quite difficult.

In this Friday Night Funkin Mod, you will face new opponents. You'll continue your quest to win your girlfriend's heart in FNF vs Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Mod. Win the rap war against your opponents to persuade your girlfriend's father.

As the title suggests, it prominently includes Disney's Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a character developed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks and once held by Universal Pictures before being acquired by The Walt Disney Company in February 2006.

How to play

Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the beat and defeat your enemies!

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