FNF Vs. Peppa Pig: Muddy Puddles Funkin

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About FNF Vs. Peppa Pig: Muddy Puddles Funkin

In the mod FNF Vs. Peppa Pig: Muddy Puddles Funkin, you can accompany your Boyfriend and Girlfriend to explore Muddy Puddles, a fantasy world filled with cheerful animals that are always ready to party and sing. The first round offers three rap battles, where you will face Peppa Pig in the first match over 3 songs "Play Time", "Bingbonged" and "Muddy Puddles". This will be an opportunity for Boyfriend to get to know all the inhabitants of this alien world through music. In the second round, Peppa Pig will be changed, he falls into a state of complete confusion and loss of control. After tasting Bacon, he no longer really feels like himself! Can Boyfriend and Girlfriend wake up Peppa Pig? The answer is yes, and your mission is to defeat him in the ultimate rap battle on the song "Bacon"!
In addition, in the Freeplay menu you will have access to four new songs namely "Eppa", I'm Mr Potato", "Tankpig", and "Double Oink".

How to play

Your task in the game is very simple, when the Arrows from below come, when the arrows are above the arrows, you need to press the arrows exactly.
The Keybaord controls are WASD or Arrow Keys.
Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to the beat.
You must press the keys when noting to the judgment line. You can Start or Pause VS Garcello Mod with Enter key.

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