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FNF Vs. RetroSpecter is the one who conceived of and developed the mod known as Friday Night Funkin' vs. RetroSpecter. In this modification, Boyfriend will square off against each individual representative of the seven deadly sins. The current version of the mod is 1.75. This page will be updated very soon with additional content. The most recent version of one of the most popular FNF mods available, FNF VS RetroSpecter 1.75, is now available. Discover the realm of RetroSpecter, the well-known content creator and musician, and do battle with the dragon demon avatar that he has created for himself.

Those who are unfamiliar with RetroSpecter should know that his name is among the most popular remixers in the world of the FNF series. We're pretty sure he made most of your favorite tracks and beats; he even remixes songs to make them sound even better. So, in this mod called Friday Night Funkin Vs RetroSpecter, you will be able to compete against him in a musical battle while wearing a dragon avatar. Help the boyfriend beat him on the songs Retro, Satisfracture, Spectral, Ectospasm (Unlockable), and Fuzzy-Feeling with your musical abilities (Unlockable). Do you believe you can outperform this musical legend? Let us investigate!

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