FNF Vs. Selever

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About FNF Vs. Selever

FNF Vs. Selever is a MOD with a new setting. Selever is the main character, and his face changes, which can make him seem repetitive at times. This mod stands out mostly because of its music, which has been remastered very well. Its graphics are also very nice, but the music is what makes it stand out.

Game story

You need to help our blue-haired boy defeat Selever, a background character who made his debut during Mid-March Mass, along with lots of other demons and quirky characters. Also, sometimes in the background, we can see GF crying as a bystander. This MOD has cinematics, dialogues, and a customizable home screen. 

Playability is good in this Mod, but the last few stages are very hard. In game ou will face new opponents and keep trying to win the heart of your girlfriend. Win the rap battle against your opponents to show your Girlfriend's Dad how good you are.


  • Demonila
  • Casanova
  • Attack
  • Attacklovania

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