FNF Vs. Slenderman

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About FNF Vs. Slenderman

FNF Vs. Slenderman is the latest addition to the FNF Mods library. Although the later stages of FNF vs Slenderman Mod are extremely challenging, the game is still enjoyable to play overall.

This Friday Night Funkin Mod will challenge you with brand new adversaries to face. You'll carry on with your quest to win over the affections of your Girlfriend in the FNF vs Slenderman Mod. You need to win the rap battle against your opponents in order to convince your girlfriend's father.

Based on the music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin', the fan-created mod known as FNF VS Slender Man: FULL WEEK (Friday Night Funkin') features an abundance of jump scares (FNF). The one who is the shortest (the boyfriend) versus the one who is the tallest (Slender Man). Put some money on it!

FNF vs. Slenderman is one of the most popular Friday Night Funkin-based FNF Mods. This Slenderman FNF Mod is a bit challenging, so it can be played in Easy mode. In This FNF Slenderman Mod, to win the heart of your Girlfriend and her Father, you must defeat your opponent. FNF vs. Accelerant Hank Reanimated and FNF vs. Mickey Mouse may also interest you. AVI The Last (Sunday Night)

How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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