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About FNF vs Sonic

Friday Night Funkin' Vs. Sonic. EXE (FNF vs Sonic) is a cool FNF mod that features new opponents from Sonic game. This time Boyfriend will join another rap battles with Sonic.EXE. He looks similar to Sonic but more scary with the blood flowing out of his eyes. Sonic isn't the only opponent that you will encounter in this mod. You have to battle against other horrifying characters including Sonic (PC PORT), Sonic CD, Sunky.MPEG, Sonic R, and Sonic the Comic.

The music contest takes place in a dark and gloomy atmosphere. Try to press the arrow keys or the WASD keys at the right moment to mirror the song notes.

FNF Vs Sonic.EXE is a thrilling and entertaining mod to play. Battle your way through different songs and win every contests to date your Girlfriend!


  • Too Slow
  • You Can't Run
  • Triple Trouble
  • Endless
  • Cycles
  • Milk
  • Sunshine
  • Faker
  • Black Sunshine
  • Chaos

Mod Credits

Director, artist: RightBurstUltra

Programming : Razencro - CryBit / Composers: MarStarBro - UpTaunt

Artists : Comgaming_Nz - Zekuta - ScorchVx - GhostBunBun / Charter: Echolocated

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to play.

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