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About FNF Vs. Spinel

FNF Vs. Spinel (Friday Night Funkin') is a high-quality FNF mod that transports Boyfriend and Girlfriend to the world of the award-winning animated TV series Steven Universe and pits them against Spinel, one of the series' recurring characters.

This game falls under the category of Arcade. If you enjoy it, please share your thoughts in the comments. Also, share it with others on social media. Have fun with everything!
Sing along and try to beat Spinel through three songs without missing a beat: Other Friends, Injector Carousel, and Unchangeable. After the first song, your opponent will be tough and reveal all of her strength when she transforms. If you win the duel, you may be able to earn an additional reward!

Use music to find Spinel's lost toy and have a fun duet!
Whether you play the game in story mode or free play mode, the goal is the same: get to the end of the song by playing all the notes at the right times in the charts. To do this, press the identical arrow keys when you see arrow symbols match above BF.

Make sure not to miss doing that multiple times in a row, as this will result in you losing and having to start over. We wish you luck and invite you to stick around for more fun games to play!

How to play

To play FNF Vs. Spinel Online Mod on your PC or laptop, use the WASD or Arrow Keys. To increase or decrease the volume, use + and -, and 0 to mute. Enter to select. To return, press ESC.

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