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FNF Vs. Suicide Mouse is a must-play preview of an upcoming FNF mod about Suicide Mouse, Disney's creepypasta version of Mickey Mouse. maymays4days (Director, Composer, Coder) and sonicboifforlife created this video (Assets, Cutscenes).

TheShipySea created the mod Sunday Night Suicide. This Suicidemouse-based mod was created by The Mayz/Star Lyt and SonicBoyForLife. avi creepypasta: a black-and-white cartoon with a looped animation of the Disney character Mickey Mouse walking alongside several buildings, accompanied by eerie piano music and muffled screams as Mickey slowly goes insane. This cartoon also inspired someone to commit suicide in the creepypasta, which isn't where the name comes from, but it's worth noting.

This mod includes two Suicide Mouse variants [GorixGorix and Randy Hilson], and it will be updated to include other versions of the character as well as other Disney/Horror-related characters with the same name.

You're out on the town with your hot girlfriend one night when a certain rodent runs into you. You're overjoyed to see it's none other than Mickey Mouse! But he appears to be more... down than usual. Everyone has bad days, right? You offer him a song to make him happy.

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