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FNF Vs. Sunday Remastered is a new FNF Mods release. The playability of FNF vs Sunday Remastered HD Mod is good, though the final stages are extremely difficult.

In this Friday Night Funkin Mod, you will face new opponents. You'll continue your quest to win your girlfriend's heart in FNF vs Sunday Remastered HD Mod. Win the rap battle against your opponents to persuade your girlfriend's father. A Friday Night Funkin mod in which Boyfriend engages in an epic rap battle against Sunday as she slowly awakens from her slumber. Despite the desire of Girlfriend and her best friend to spend time together, Boyfriend chose to stay at home and watch television.

 The little girl's face was obscured by her blanket even though she was sleeping. It's Sunday, and the lead singer of a popular rock band has a request for her Boyfriend: replace his band's co-vocalist, who has fractured his pelvis, at the next event. But first, Boyfriend must demonstrate his abilities in a musical genre with which he is unfamiliar. Follow Sunday's rock band down the basement to learn their three songs. Even if you don't expect it, Sunday has a powerful voice, and his guitar solos will blow you away! The wicked rhythm of Vs. Sunday Remastered has the potential to wake up your neighbors. Will you be able to attend the group meeting on Sunday? Finally, it is up to you to demonstrate your worthiness.

Sunday's band is in need of a replacement co-vocalist. Do you think you'll be able to pull it off?

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