FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros

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About FNF Vs. Super Mario Bros

FNF vs Super Mario Bros (Funk Mix DX) is one of the most popular Mods based on Friday Night Funkin game. In this game, You will transform into Mario Bros and beat your opponent to win the hearts of your Girlfriend and her Dad.

Game story

In this game, you have to get through 7 weeks that get harder and harder. Your goal is not only to beat the other players, but also to make your crush and her dad like you. It's one of the most interesting mods because it speeds up the game and makes the levels harder to beat.

You will have to show off your sense of rhythm with the best songs from the Mario Bros video game series that were used as inspiration. This time, you will fight alongside Super Mario Bros. It was made with the Forever Engine and has retro graphics, four songs, and new ways to play. Take the mic and show everyone that you're the rhythm king.

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