FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury

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About FNF Vs. Tord: Red Fury

FNF vs Tord Red Fury Edition is a Rhythm Game that you can play online in full screen at KBH Games for free. There is no need to download or install anything to play this game.

Fyzure's Vs. Tord: Red Fury is an upcoming mod. It is an expansion of bbpanzu's original VS Tord mod, with the goal of adding more songs, context, and extra phases.

This mod includes cutscenes, more sprites, improved character designs, increased shading and detail, and more character appearances. Many people have created fan-made versions of the mod as of now (with one version being looked over by Fyzure himself)

The mod was canceled due to Fyzure being overwhelmed by everyone asking when the mod would be released and Fyzure's lack of motivation, but it was resurrected.

Tord has spiky beige hair, a red hoodie over a light grey top, dark grey pants, and black and white sneakers. He has a white plaster on the left side of his chin (light grey at the end).

Silter's expression shifts from annoyance to discomfort. The area between his eyes has darkened, and there is a single sweat drop on the side of his head. Near the end of Silter and during Target, his eyes become ringed, his teeth scowl, his face covered in a red shadow, and his right arm thrown down, shaking in rage.

How to play

Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the beat and defeat your enemies!

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