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About FNF Wednesday's Infidelity

FNF Wednesday's Infidelity (Friday Night Funkin') is a great FNF mod based on the horror style of FNF VS Suicide Mouse. You can fight Mickey Mouse in a three-round rap battle while he's high on drugs, and then you can enjoy a bonus song in the Freeplay mode. This mod is mostly based on the creepypasta suicidemouse.avi, but it also uses parts of the famous Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers comic strip arc. In future updates, the mod will also add some creepy Mickey-related characters.

Mickey Mouse is the main enemy of the mod. Unlike the happy-go-lucky version of himself that most people know, he looks very sad.

Mickey's look is based on how he looked in the late 1920s. He has big ears, dots for eyes, and black buttons on his pants. In Wistfulness, he has his hands behind his back and a sad look on his face. But this Mickey isn't the same as the Mickey from the 1920s. For example, his "pie cut eyes" are the whole area where his eyes are, similar to how his Fred Moore redesign works. This is different from his original classic design, where his "pie cut eyes" are the irises of his eyes. His buttons are also black instead of white, and the soles of his shoes can only be seen from the bottom. He's also bigger than normal Mickey.

How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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