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About FNF World's Smallest Violin

FNF World's Smallest Violin is an elaborately crafted version of Friday Night Funkin' with the theme of the hit song "World's Smallest Violin" by American band AJR. This mod has been updated to TimHD and SodaPop version 2 because it is better and actually uses Boyfriend's vocal.

Game story

In the game, you and Dear BF will take part in a new musical battle. The World's Smallest Violin But Boyfriend Sings It is the latest addition to the music game. The mod has a popular YouTube video called "World's Smallest Violin," which is on YouTube. He can't do this by himself, which is why he needs your help to start with. So, good luck, and we hope you like this episode.

World's Smallest Violin but Boyfriend sings it Mod is fun to play, even though the last stages are very hard. In this Friday Night Funkin Mod, you will face new opponents. In World's Smallest Violin but Boyfriend Sings It Mod, you'll keep trying to win your Girlfriend's heart.


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