Friday Night Crunchin'

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About Friday Night Crunchin'

Friday Night Crunchin' is a full-week Friday Night Funkin' mod in which Cereal Guy, a well-known stick figure used in Internet memes and rage comics, is transformed into Boyfriend's next opponent.

How to play

As development progressed, however, it has become an unexpectedly lore-rich celebration of classic internet culture, with the main plot revolving around various Rage Comics characters and internet lore.

The Friday Night Funkin vs Friday Night Crunchin v2 mod contains a number of interesting stories and incredible musical compositions. In order to increase interest in this FNF mod, the creators meticulously drew every character. To obtain the highest ranking in these competitions, you must complete challenging game stages. Trollface will do everything in his power to prevent Boyfriend from completing challenging musical tasks. You must catch all of the flying arrows by pressing four keyboard keys. If you believe it to be so simple, you are gravely mistaken, as the movement speed of these arrows is extremely rapid.


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