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About Friday Night Funkin' But Bad

Friday Night Funkin' But Bad is a modification developed by Chocolatte with milk. As the name suggests, the mod consists of everything and everyone being poorly redrawn in "MS Paint," and the audio quality is extremely poor. In contrast to the originals, in which the "beep-y" vocals were provided by FNF developers, CLF has provided the characters with poorly voiced "beep" vocals.

The music rhythm game Friday Night Funkin' was given a total conversion treatment by the mod known as Friday Night Funkin' BUT BAD. This is the perfect example of the term "ugly beauty," in case you were ever curious about its meaning. Enjoy! CLF is the creator of this mod.

Friday Night Funkin, but Bad is a hilarious mod of the popular FnF rhythm game. This game contains amusing remixes, reskins, and recharted versions, as well as some very unique art-styles. This mod adds new content that fans of the game will enjoy. With simple controls and easy-to-hear beats, this game will have you gripping the mic and refusing to let go. No one looks forward to Friday more than you, with Flows and other musical digs to sink your teeth into. Grab the spotlight and prepare to have a great time.

Another one for the books, finish your work and prepare for a rocking good time. Friday Night Funkin', But Bad is a rhythm game that is a modification of the original Friday Night Funkin' game. Prepare to step into the spotlight with new songs and other game content. Win the battle by paying attention to the beat and stringing together harmonious music as you compete with others in this musical duel. On a Friday, it's time to get down; the artwork remains the same, but more colorful visuals have been added for a more rocking battle. The game's protagonist is an unknown musical artist eager to capture the hearts of the audience. You can't go wrong with more skins in your quest to conquer the stage. As the battle continues, the love of your life serves as the referee. Never miss a beat by following the arrows on the screen.

How to play

  • Arrow Keys or WASD
  • Space and Enter

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