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Friday Night Funkin' Neo 3.0 is a significant upgrade to the mod that has an almost total redesign of all songs, beautifully redone characters and settings, tons of new dialogue for each of your opponents, and 3 brand-new songs where you'll battle an enigmatic monster.

JellyFishedm developed the Friday Night Funkin' mod FNF Neo, which sought to overhaul the game's overall style, including the logos, music, and general aesthetics. The characters themselves reflect this transformation with brilliant neon colors and adorable accessories, giving the entire mod a futuristic neon flair! All of the songs from the first six weeks of the base game can be replayed in a different setting and with remixed music.

To participate in the ultimate Friday Night Funkin combat, are you prepared? Neo is a brand-new character in FNF Mods. Neo Mod has fair playability but becomes really challenging in the end. 

Friday Night Funkin': Neo is a mod created by JellyFishedm. It overhauls the whole entire game including the logos, songs, charts, and stages.

You'll face fresh challenges in this Friday Night Funkin Mod. You'll carry on your quest to earn your girlfriend's affection in Neo Mod. By defeating your opponents in the rap battle, you can persuade your girlfriend's father.

How to play

You can also change input to DFJK in options menu. Some people prefer it.


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