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About Friday Night Funkin' Soft

Friday Night Funkin' Soft is a Friday Night Funkin' AU overhaul mod. It currently overhauls the first 5 Weeks of the original game, labeled as Chapters, with each Week having a new and original opponent to face. More updates are on the way, with Chapter 6 set to include 5 new songs in addition to the vanilla songs.

The Friday Night Funkin' Soft overhaul mod was developed by ShinyTama and an entire team of people, and it was made available for download on August 10th, 2021.

Pico N. Grounds is a spray-painter and high school dropout whose name is Benjamin Fairest, who is the equivalent of Boyfriend in this alternate universe. Benjamin Fairest is a very timid and shy want tobe painter. Pico N. Grounds is Benjamin Fairest's boyfriend. Throughout his entire life, he was mistreated by his parents, and he desperately wanted to get away from their horrible tyranny. However, in a world where one's social standing determines their level of fame, this would be a difficult challenge for the pair. However, Benjamin is certain that he will one day become a famous painter, and if this means that he will have to fight through some people, including his parents through music, then he is willing to do so.

How to play

Use the Up, Down, Left and Right buttons to follow the beat and defeat your enemies!

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